Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Community of the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation in Wroclaw (PL; Prof. Dr. Alicja Chybicka / Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Kałwak), Dresden (D, Prof. Dr. Meinolf Suttorp) and Prague (CZ, Prof. Dr. Petr Sedláček) would like to announce the 5th International Midsummer Meeting in Paediatric Haematology / Oncology and Stem Cell Transplantation, which will take place between 21st and 23rd June 2013 in Piechowice, Poland.

Hotel Las in Piechowice is almost a legendary site for our community, as it hosted both the very first and the second Midsummer Meeting in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

We are cordially inviting you to register and participate in this meeting.

The Symposium aims at the exchange of experience and knowledge as well as promotion of friendship between doctors and nurses from all neighbouring countries, incl. Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Baltic countries, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary etc.

During the meeting it is planned to present and discuss established and new achievements in paediatric onco-haematological diagnosis and therapy, having an impact on the curability of malignancies.

One of the highlights of the Meeting has always been an interactive session “Pretty kettle of Fish” with unusual case presentations. This time we will even have a computerized system, which will ensure full interactive activity of the participants

You and/or your colleagues presented very interesting results during the previous meetings. We would be delighted to see you again in June 2013 in Hotel Las in Piechowice. Piechowice is a town located in the heart of Polish Karkonosze Mountains in the triangle which is formed by the borders of the three countries of Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. It is easily accessible from both Wroclaw (1.5h car drive), Dresden (2h car drive), Prague (2h car drive) and Berlin (3.5 h car drive).

Please mark your calendars for the longest days and shortest nights of the year to be filled with fruitful scientific exchange and an incendiary atmosphere of entertaining social events.

Looking forward to hosting you in Piechowice!

Kind regards

Alicja Chybicka, Krzysztof KałwakPetr SedláčekMeinolf Suttorp